Let's work together!

Knowledge is power. Science is art sometimes. Life's too short to do things that don't inspire us to be better.

Let's work together and see how can we help one another! Because 1+1 is > 2.

Contact me at zenobius@zeno.pl .

I earn my living by solving problems, designing solutions, analyzing data, and by helping people and businesses to be better at what they do. I try to make the World a better place.


Who am I?

I'm self-taught IT specialist and manager. I've started programming when I was 8 years old and never stopped. My biggest achievement is the work I did as CIO and Director of Software Development in Duon SA and what I do now as Business Development Manager for one of the biggest Utilities companies (gas, energy, heat) in the World - Fortum Corporation. Duon SA was bought by Fortum for 150M USD in 2016. I'm responsible for implementing IT solutions throughout whole company, working with IoT and AI, and it's the best thing ever.

When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and that's why I never graduated high school. Instead I spent my "3 years of Crohn's house arrest" learning to code, and started earning my living. I moved from family house when I was 16. All of that gave me knowledge and experience to become a freelancer, and later a Project Manager, Team Leader and ultimately a CIO.

What I bring to the table?

A strong commitment to the project. I need challenges and I want to see other people enjoy my work. This is my driving force.
Excellent planning. I see dependencies, I break them down into tasks and distribute them according to skills. I get the feedback, provide you with it and deal with any problems. What more do you wish for?
Extensive practical knowledge. In fields of programming, project management, team leadership, and technologies.
Great communication. This is most important and often forgotten thing. Clear and fast communication is The King.
Problem solving. I think analytically and have a great deal of knowledge in many fields.

What do I expect from you?

Challenges. Throw the problems and ideas at me, and let me propose a solution or two.
Sharing "The Big Picture". Let me know about the current challenges and plans for the future, as it will help me to prepare for it.
Possibility to telecommute (remote work). Sometimes it’s best for me to work at home – I have our tasks and I want to focus on them 100% (as in whole work-time).

Contact me!

You can reach me via email: zenobius@zeno.pl
Or message me on LinkedIn or Facebook.